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Our business model revolves around removing all the stress and weight from your mind. This is a core tenet of our company. We can:


•Deal with all the paperwork related to your endeavours in Indonesia.

•Arrange all resource acquisitions and logistical requirements in country.


Experience has shown that expedition organizers, researchers, film and television projects invest considerable time in navigating complex ever-changing bureaucratic corridors. You can maximize time, funds and effort by accessing LAHUKA's expedition research and filming knowledge and local support networks - gained over decades in Indonesia.


LAHUKA has teamed up with selected UK partner Indo Trek to provide adventure expeditions in Indonesia and work in partnership so we can combine resources along with the expertise.


We have also developed a range of conservation projects (designated for group participation) in National Parks and BSKDA (Conservation) controlled areas working on activities which help rare and endangered species.


Indonesia has a whole range of locations ideally suited for mountaineering, 4x4 offroad, white water rafting, mountain biking, charity treks, community service projects, ultra running, all of which we have successfully planned and executed.

Early next year we will be detailing our group open Expedition and a series of short weekend trips.


Just let us know where and when you wish to travel to Indonesia, how many people in your group and the arrival and departure dates and we can help you plan your expedition. Those expeditions who have already planned their Expeditions to Indonesia we can supply a number of supporting services by contacting us through


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All foreign researchers doing research activities in Indonesian must obtain an official  permit from the Ministry of Researching and Higher Technology prior to starting their research on site.


We provide advice and guidelines how to apply for research permit via the Ristek online system.


The validity period for research permit is 12 months but extensions can be applied for. The compulsory documents for conducting research in Indonesia can be found at


We suggest that you start the application procedure 6 months before you intend start date, foreign researchers who will conduct research in Indonessia have to involve local scientists as counterparts from a local university, research institute or a Non Government Organization (NGO) who has competency in the research topic we can often source a local counterpart should you not already have one.


On registration we provide an efficient and friendly service at a competitive rate providing a wide range of services from our basic Ristek meet and greet service (Research Permit - SKJ - Police Travel Permit - SPP Notification letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs) to more detailed services such as Research extensions - Immigration matters, National Park research permit applications and any additional needs transportation to and from your project site. Each research application is different for further info do e-mail us on


Supporting Research and Science LAHUKA provide direct support to Operation Wallacea Ltd. A senior member runs the emergency team in the UK office when the research teams are in the field.



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Television and Filming

All non Indonesian Nationals are required to have a journalist visa to conduct Television and Filming activities in Indonesia.


LAHUKA team provide professional services for visiting Film crews, we assist the filming team through the complicated process of the filming application submission, we monitor the application on submission until approval in Indonesia.


We assist on appointment (as in country partner) in the co ordination of the schedule often working in conjuction with other appointed in country partners, we liaise with all Government departments on your behalf to obtain The National Filming permit, Police Travel permits, National Park or BKSDA (Conservation) controlled area Permits. We specialize in wildlife location reconnassance.


We provide an efficient and friendly service at a competitive rate and operate a flexible service and tariff structure to accommodate a wide range of needs ranging from our basic meet and greet service (National filming permit, customs clearance) to more detailed services as required. We have successfully co ordinated Helicopter filming and boat trips and secured sensitive permits to film traditional ceremonies For further info do email us on

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"The 16.056 named islands of the Indonesian archipelago stretch like a string of pearls from the mainland to the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia is the fourth most populated nation on earth with 262 million inhabitants."


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