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Set fixer / Filming Services 

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Lahuka delivers support and advices to company and individual planning filming projects in the Indonesian Archipelago. Our business model revolves around removing all the stress and weight from your mind. This is a core tenet of our company. We can deal with all the paperwork related to your endeavor in Indonesia.


Experience has shown that film crews/filming company invest considerable time in navigating complex ever-changing bureaucratic corridors. You will have more efficient time, funds, and effort by accessing Lahuka's knowledge and local support networks - gained over decades in Indonesia. We would therefore like to offer our guiding services to assist with the arrangements and requirements of filming extensions. You can put Lahuka as your local partner or set fixer in Indonesia.


We can support you with:


Filming services permit/ Visa Journalistic


SKJ (travelling permit from HO police)


SIMAKSI (Permit letter to enter national park/s)


And any other permit need it for your filming project


Logistic Support, Lahuka can help and support to provide logistical requirement to support your filming project; for instance, filming equipment, vehicle, heli chooper ,medical kits, medicines, procurement of maps, team/crew and other requested items

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