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Research and Conservation Services

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Lahuka has developed a range of conservation projects in National Parks working on activities which help rare and endangered species


LAHUKA delivers support and advice to organizations and individuals to deal with any permit business in the Indonesian Archipelago.Our business model revolves around removing all the stress and weight from your mind. so you can focus on your business with the peace of mind that all the necessary bureaucratic requirements are being met.


The core tenet of our company is that we can deal with all the paperwork related to your endeavors in Indonesia. As well as smoothing your way to fulfill all the needed requirements.

Experience has shown that foreigners used to invest considerable time in navigating complex ever-changing bureaucratic corridors. You can maximize time, funds and effort by accessing LAHUKA's expedition knowledge and local support networks - gained over decades in Indonesia.

Indonesian Permit Services

LAHUKA delivers support and advises to organization and individual planning research in Indonesia. The compulsory permits for conducting a research in Indonesia for foreign after their research has been approved are:


Pre Research Permit/Pendaftaran sebelum penelitian : We can give you advises and guidelines how to apply pre research permit via online.  


Foreign Research Permit / Surat Ijin Penelitian  ( SIP ) : The most important and first permit for foreign researcher,  issued by The Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology.


Traveling Permit / Surat Keterangan Jalan ( SKJ ) : Traveling Permit issued by The Indonesian Police Headquarters.


Research Notification Letter/ Surat Pemberitahuan Penelitian ( SPP ) : Research Notification Letter issued by The Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs.


Permit to Enter The National Park / Surat Ijin Masuk Kawasan Konservasi (SIMAKSI) : SIMAKSI is needed as a formal requirement if the foreign researcher plans to carry out research in National Park(s) or BKSDA controlled areas.

LAHUKA can help to source logistical requirement to support your project; for instance, research equipment, vehicle, medical kits, medicines, procurement of maps, and other requested items.

We can provide a private car the for client during in Jakarta as a transportation support for your mandatory requirements in addition to all permit process and any additional needs transportation to and from your project site air/sea/land.


We can also arrange and organize your accommodation on request within the recommended areas and we also have a number of airport hotels.