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PT. Lahuka Indonesia Ekspedisi (Lahuka ltd.) delivers support and advice to organisations and individuals planning Expeditions, Research projects, Film and TV projects in the Indonesian Archipelago.

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Jury’s Special Prize

Islands in Time: Ruled by the Sun

Matt Hamilton and Paul Reddish.

News Letter Update

Icon Films, "Man eating phyton."


Lahuka proudly provided filming support  with a cameraman and company director heading to  Western Sulawesi to Interview village participants - contributor to the television documentary series Man Eating Python.

Paul Reddish NaturVision Special Jury Prize 2017 Islands in Time Ruled by The Sun nhp Puruk-Sandukui-Pinnacle-by-trianto

Supporting Sanduki Pinnacle


An expedition to raise awareness and understanding of the 'biggest environmental crime of the 21st century': the forest fires of Kalimantan. Oh, and we're going to climb this!


- Martin Holland

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Sungai Lesan Protection Forest


Lahuka is pleased to be supporting the development of the Sungai Lesan Protection Forest Research Base during 2018 (Berau district East Kalimantan) in association with the OWT Indonesia Operation and Operation Wallacea UK.

Berau Sungai lesan camp

Autumn 2017