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About Us

LAHUKA was founded in 2010 by seasoned expedition and logistics experts with over thirty years experience of planning, leading and executing major expeditions , research projects and eco tour/trip within the Indonesian Archipelago. The team have had close working relationships with the Indonesian authorities since the 1987 Operation Raleigh Indonesian  Expedition, led by the inspirational Wandy Swales.  


Our Base of Operations is situated in Jakarta and we have representatives around the Archipelago, as well as in the UK.

Our service support team in Jakarta is comprised of expedition organizers, leaders, doctors and medics each an expert in their own fields, which provides the finest support available.

Our clients include expedition members, mountaineers, researchers, conservation teams and film makers.


Should our services be of interest then we would be happy to discuss any specific requirements with you.

We work in partnership with other organizations and charities in Indonesia; so we can combine resources along with expertise.


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Testimonial :

Sam Hume | Producer – BBC Digital

I worked with the team from PT Lautan Hutan Kayu (LAHUKA Ltd) on a recent 2-week shoot in Sumatra across four remote locations including at National Parks. The company were very helpful prior to our departure helping to plan logistics and communicating with contributors on the ground, and guiding us through the complicated process of permits and comms with the embassy. The company helped us through every stage, from joining our researcher at the embassy, and even on location meeting the BBC crew in Jakarta to ease them through customs, and joined them through to Sumatra.


The ground crew were knowledgeable, friendly, and spoke good English. They drove in two Land Rover Defenders which they had ferried over from Java. These proved invaluable when wet weather prevented contributor vehicles from crossing a river, and the fixers could swoop in to pick us up. We also had difficulty with an airline misunderstanding their battery policy for some internal flights, and the fixers flew back to collect them, before driving through the night to ensure we had them in time for a live broadcast. I would definitely recommend them to future productions.


Adrian Seymour, Assistant producer. Silverback Films

I can highly recommended this company. They provided efficient and friendly service at a competitive rate, and operate a flexible service and tariff structure to accommodate a wide range of needs ranging from the basics (i.e. filming permits and customs) to more detailed services including provision of expedition logistics, staff and supplies plus administrative support throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

I will certainly use LAHUKA, PT Lautan Hutan Kayu for future filming productions in Indonesia.


Paul Reddish, Peries Producer, Free Spirit Films

I can highly recomend (LAHUKA) PT Lautan Hutan Kayu. Thier work was exemplary. They are very experienced in dealing with film crews; and able to advise on logistics as well as tackle emergencies as and when they occur. Hendra and his team are the best fixers I have worked with.


Nick Green, Seven Worlds BBC Natural History Unit

Overall I would say that the service offered by Lahuka has been excellent, our arrival into Jakarta airport was one of the smoothest I have ever had and everything happened without a hitch. The pre shoot process with Lahuka was really great, we were walked through every step of the visa and film permit application in great detail which made the process of applying significantly easier. Lahuka were always on hand for any questions we had and always quick to respond to any queries. I would happily use Lahuka as a fixer company again and would recommend them to anyone who asks.


Adam Turner Assistant Producer Spring Films ltd & Werner Herzog Gmbh

PT Lautan Hutan Kayu (LAHUKA) provided exceptional help and support to the director and team for thier two week shoot on - location,securing sensitive access to difficult locations and arranged complicate logistics for the crew director all to a demanding scedule and within a tight timeframe.


Dr Tim Coles - Director Of Operation Wallacea 

"LAHUKA is an invaluable source of advice on expedition management. A senior member runs the emergency team when the research teams are in the field and provides support to the the Opwall field-sites as requested."


Martin Holland - Director & Founder Of The Heart Of Borneo Project 

"We rely heavily on the guys at LAHUKA – they take the stress out of the Indonesian paperwork and free up all that time for us to concentrate on the things that we’re good at. Thoroughly recommended, they have never let us down."


Phillip Briggs - Director Of Sole Challenge

"I wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your fantastic crew in Indonesia for making our trip  the Ujung Kulong a truly amazing experience." We will be using Lahuka again to assist in the planing of our Indo Trek event in 2014.


Prof. Ian Swingland - Founder DICE

"This company is the pre-eminent logistics provider in Indonesia and has a team with vast experience in the expedition world.  LAHUKA is an asset to any organisation or individual that wants to work or conduct research in Indonesia. It takes the hassle out of the necessary bureaucracy and smoothes functioning on the ground."


Dr Mark Harrison - Managing Director of The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project

"LAHUKA helps take away some of the most stressful aspects of working in Indonesia (paperwork and logistics!), leaving researchers and others working in Indonesia with more freedom to concentrate on the task at hand. Anyone conducting research or other work in Indonesia would be crazy not to use them!"


Ben Buckley - Wildlife Research Unit 

"I would like to thank Hendra and Eja for the work you have done for me over the last two years. Without your help and effort it would have been impossible, I am sure I will be using Lahuka’s services again in the future".


David Scott - Director Of Sand Baggers

" A   great trip and very slick delivery.  Many thanks to you and all your team.  A faultless delivery of the highest caliber.  Well done. Cheers,,,"


Harry Hilser  - Programme Manager of Selamatkan Yaki

“Arranging research permits and logistics in Indonesia can be a challenging process. Lahuka have proved to be an invaluable source of information and support for our programme, with swift and informative communications, so we strongly recommend their services".


Thiemo Braasch - IUCN SSC Wild Pig Specialist Group

"Lahuka organized a trip trough Ujung Kulon National Park last November for me. They did a great job! During the hiking through the rain forest, we became friends and had a fantastic time in one of the remotest places on Java! Many thanks to Eja, Rio and Hendra!!! You have made a unique experience for me! When I go to Indonesia again I will definitely plan my trip with the help of Lahuka!"


Matthew Kent - The Open University is incorporated by Royal Charter

You've done a wonderful job for me and I don't really know how to thank you enough, but I'm here with all my equipment (when I know people before me have had big problems) and very happy that I can now get on with my research. I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

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